Qualifications to Earn the Advanced Certificate

The advanced Certificate in LBTC is available to applicants who have earned their primary certificate in LBTC. 


Course Construction

The program consists of 10 weekly modules available in asynchronous online format.  While the course is intended to be completed in 10 weeks, it can be taken at your own pace based on your schedule. 



The course has both theoretical and practical components, which allows you to use it to improve your practice and to give you a firm basis to publish in the area.  It provides considerable content that can be applied pedagogically in teaching related university courses.   Earning the advanced certificate also makes you eligible to become a fellow at one of our branch  Institutes throughout the world, which qualifies you to train others.   

Cost of Training

The cost of the program is $495.00 USD plus the cost of 3 paperback book.  Payment can be made via PayPal.  (Please do not pay the tuition fee until you have been officially accepted into the advanced training program.)


How to apply

Applicants should send an email to logicbasedtherapy@gmail.com. expressing  interest in the program and attaching a copy of your primary certificate and current CV.